Joseph Harrison
Senior Project Developer

Mr. Joe Harrison joined Borrego Solar in 2008 as a Project Developer. Joe’s focus is on working with customers in the municipal and education sectors to implement comprehensive solar power solutions. Based out of Borrego Solar’s regional headquarters in Lowell, MA, Joe has developed power purchase agreements (PPAs) for some of New England’s most progressive municipalities, and largest K12 school districts, universities, community colleges, and private learning institutions. Joe’s background in the fast-growing Massachusetts’s solar market has made him the leader in solar for landfills, brownfields, and waste management centers. His experience has given him a greater understanding of the technical details associated with permitting for these sites, no-money-down solar financing mechanisms, solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), and the various incentives and subsidies available to schools and municipalities looking to go solar. Joe graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.