184kW Monthly Production 20,833kWh
Modules 1080 Sharp Inverters 30 SMA
Pitch Roof Type Carport

Project Description

Developed by Chelsea Investment Corporation, Fairbanks Ridge Family Apartments is a 204-unit affordable housing development in the Black Mountain Ranch community of San Diego, California. Chelsea applies reliable renewable energy technologies to its construction projects, and the Fairbanks Ridge development is one example of their use of solar design, and the third project they've completed with Borrego Solar.

Chelsea Investment Corporation builds, owns and operates affordable housing projects, offering a 50-year lease to tenants. Solar power contributes to their goal of providing reduced-rate housing that is economically and environmentally sustainable. While most houses and businesses are drawing more and more power from an overwhelmed utility grid, the Fairbanks Ridge Family Apartments use solar energy to reduce their electric bills.

"Working with Borrego Solar has been a great experience. They are competitive and responsive and their work is performed professionally. Their workers are courteous and they do an outstanding job. Borrego Solar is a pleasure to work with. We've done several projects with them and they have always delivered on time and on budget."

John Koerber
Chelsea Investment Corp.

Fairbanks Ridge Family Apartments provides two and three-bedroom apartments and numerous amenities for residents, including a pool, tot lots, a half basketball court and a computer room. The Fairbanks Ridge property was one of Chelsea’s first projects to incorporate solar into the design.

The system consists of 1080 Sharp 170 watt solar panels, mounted on 20 carports through the development. The solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) power, which passes through 30 SMA inverters converting the DC power to Alternating Current (AC) power used throughout the facility. This power is identical to the power the facility receives from SDG&E, and is used to power any common electrical load on site.

Monthly Production: 20,833 kWh

Annual Production: 249,996 kWh

30 Year Production: 6,974,888 kWh

The Fairbanks Ridge Affordable Housing solar power installation will produce roughly 20,800 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month, with an annual savings of approximately $37,500. This is enough energy to power approximately 50 single family homes. Any excess power not used on site will spin the meter backwards as it is fed into the utility grid. SDG&E will buy back this extra power and allow the housing complex to reduce or even eliminate its energy bill. As an added bonus, the extra electricity will help power other homes and businesses during times of peak energy usage, helping to avert brownouts or blackouts.

Carbon Dioxide Offset (annually): 342,495 lbs

Carbon Dioxide Offset (30 years): 9,555,597 lbs

Equivalent to the effect of
removing 39 passenger vehicles from the road

Equivalent to the effect of planting 86 acres of trees

Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Offset
(30 years): 9,207 lbs

Sulfur Oxide Emissions Offset
(30 years): 19,948 lbs