Government entities can create operating budget savings with solar and energy storage.

Local governments can take advantage of diverse solar programs to install solar where they use energy or on other land they own. Borrego Solar is a trusted partner to public sector customers helping navigate complex policy details while designing and building commercial solar and energy storage systems that perform as expected.

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Some Borrego government customers install solar on-site to offset their on-site energy use (i.e. net metering). Others host solar on land they own that offsets energy used elsewhere (i.e. virtual net metering or RES-BCT). The City of North Adams, MA, is an example customer where they are hosting a solar array on their closed landfill site to offset the city’s energy use used elsewhere as part of the virtual net metering program.

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City and county sites with large, spikey load profiles are great candidates for energy storage as it can provide demand change savings. Public agencies choose Borrego Solar for their energy storage needs because we have the most in-depth technical distributed energy experience compared to any other storage company in the market and can offer the best value.

Our government projects range from ground-mount solar arrays, including landfills and brownfields, to water district tank arrays and airport roof-tops and carports. Our diverse expertise means that Borrego is skilled in all commercial solar applications for government.

“In terms of challenges with this project, there really weren’t any. We have a great partner in the Anaheim Public Utility and a great partner with Borrego Solar.”

—Tom Morton Executive Director, Anaheim Convention Center



Engineering and Construction

We're a technology-agnostic commercial solar and energy storage company, so you get solutions that make the most of your geographic, technical, and financial specifications.
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PPAs and COMMERCIAL Solar Financing

As a top commercial solar company, we have successfully financed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercial-scale Power Purchase Agreements, operating leases, and Property Assessed Clean Energy financing.
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Solar Operations and Maintenance

With more than 40 years of solar engineering and construction and 600MW of utility-scale and commercial solar installations nationwide, we ensure solar asset owners get the most power generation from their systems.
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