Borrego is the #1 private commercial solar EPC in the country and one of the top 3 EPC companies nationwide.

For 40 years Borrego has been developing, designing, procuring equipment, and constructing solar installations. Borrego has deep experience with every commercial solar system type from fixed-tilt ballasted arrays on capped landfills to utility-scale tracker projects and from public sector carports to corporate roof-tops.

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High Quality Engineering

Our in-house professional electrical, civil and structural engineers ensure our designs are feasible and will generate modeled production, as well as reduce demand charges and grid impacts with energy storage. That’s why we offer an industry leading performance guarantee for every system we design and build.

Best-in-class Procurement

As a technology and product agnostic company, Borrego Solar has a thorough vetting process to choose the best component in each equipment category for our systems. Because we are one of the largest procurers of commercial solar and energy storage equipment in the U.S. we have favorable pricing and warranty terms from our top-tier vendors that we pass on to our customers.

Safe & High-Quality Construction

At Borrego Solar, safety, quality, efficiency and clear communication are our top priorities. Our network of preferred subcontractors give us the flexibility to mobilize quickly and across diverse regions, so your project will be built on time and within budget. Our team will work with your on-site staff to minimize any impact and disturbance we cause to your day-to-day operations.

“When choosing an EPC or developer to work with, we focus on those that don’t just announce projects, but actually put steel in the ground. Borrego Solar comes with a unique combination of development, engineering, construction and finance experience that allows them to breathe new life into stranded mid-stage projects and turns them into high-value financeable assets that meet strict investment standards. Borrego Solar is a low-risk partner for independent power producers like sPower.”

—Ryan Creamer, CEO, sPower

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