Over 90 million kWhs of electricity with zero upfront cost PPA financing

Spencer, MA

Assumption College Solar Array


Founded in 1904, Assumption is a Catholic college known for its classic liberal arts curriculum and strong academic programs in business and professional studies. More than 2,150 undergraduates choose from 39 majors and 44 minors as they explore an educational experience grounded in the rich Catholic intellectual tradition. More than 700 graduate and continuing education students are enrolled.


Borrego Solar designed and installed 2.5 megawatts DC of fixed-tilt ground-mounted arrays to fit the existing land contours and to preserve natural water run-off. The gaps between the arrays and under fences are intentional, either accounting for avoidance of inter-row shading or to accommodate natural animal movement in the area. The complete installation is actually two unique arrays separated by trees: the larger of the two is comprised of 7,215 Yingli 260 watt high efficiency Panda modules, and the smaller of 2,600 Yingli 240 watt modules.


The Assumption College solar energy system was financed through a power purchase agreement (PPA) with ConEdison Solutions (CES). Under the terms of this agreement, CES owns the solar assets and equipment, and covered the cost of designing, and installing the project. In return for avoiding the initial capital expenditure of building the solar array, and for covering any ongoing or longterm O&M costs, Assumption College will continue to purchase the energy credits produced by the system for the next 20 years. The energy produced by the solar array, enters the National Grid utility grid and is counted towards National Grid’s renewable portfolio. The energy is then applied, in the form of a credit, to the Assumption college utility meter, reducing operating costs. This ability to produce power in one location and apply credits to a meter in another location, but still within the same utility load zone, is called virtual net metering.

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