Will provide an estimated $20,000 in energy cost savings annually

Susanville, CA

Banner Health - Lassen Medical Center

Borrego Solar designed and built an 868 kilowatt ground-mounted solar system for Banner Lassen Medical Center. The project is estimated to save the hospital about $20,000 annually and enable the center to allocate those funds for purchasing medical equipment and improving patient care.

The project is expected to generate 1,481,000 kilowatt-hours of emissions-free, clean energy and offset nearly 1,102 metric tons of harmful carbon dioxide equivalents annually. This is the equivalent of removing 236 cars from the road for a year, or equivalent amount of carbon sequestered by planting 28,564 trees.

After evaluating the medical center’s energy needs, Borrego engineered the system to meet – but not exceed – its energy demand, which resulted in a more economical project by limiting the additional costs of selling back excess electricity to the utility.

Borrego sited the solar array within the slope of the hill to minimize visual impact for the community. Construction of the array was completed in just four and a half months.

Banner Lassen Medical Center is a 25 bed community hospital in Susanville, California. Banner Health is a non-profit health system based in Phoenix, Arizona that operates 29 hospitals in seven states and has more than 13,000,000 square feet of medical centers.

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