The 10 arrays, totaling 1.5MW, is expected to save the District more than $8 million over the life of the systems

Campbell, CA

Campbell Union School District

Borrego Solar Systems designed and built roof-mount solar installations and solar shade structures at nine schools and one district site totaling 1.5 MW for the District.

Campbell Union School District is a PreK-8 school district that includes parts of six cities in Santa Clara County. Its solar portfolio consists of installations on multiple rooftops and four solar shade structures, which are expected to save the district more than $15 million in electricity costs over 25 years. After paying for the solar systems and a full 25 years of operations and maintenance, the District expects to realize more than $8 million in net benefits over the first 25 years of operation. The project is being funded with a zero percent interest loan from the California Energy Commission (CEC).

The projects will produce 2.4 million kilowatt (kW) hours of energy in the first year, which is the equivalent to the amount needed to power approximately 375 average homes annually.

The solar systems at each school are sized to offset approximately 70 percent of the current electricity usage. The sites will be net-metered, meaning that whenever a site’s solar production exceeds what the site is using at the time, the additional solar output will be fed onto the local electricity grid and the District will receive a credit on its utility bill from Pacific Gas & Electric.

The 1.5 MW system will be comprised of the following installations (may differ slightly from actual completion capacity):
69 kW roof-mount system on Blackford Elementary School
90 kW solar shade structure at the Campbell Corporate Yard
222 kW roof-mount system on Campbell Middle School
185 kW roof-mount system on Capri Elementary School/Village School
132 kW roof-mount system on Forest Hill Elementary School
104 kW roof-mount system on Marshall Lane Elementary
236 kW roof-mount system on Monroe Middle School
111 kW system comprised of a roof-mount and solar shade structure at Rolling Hills Middle School
125 kW system comprised of a roof-mount and solar shade structure at Rosemary Elementary
185 kW solar shade structure at Sherman Oaks Elementary

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