CEBRO will save over $5 million in energy costs over the life of their solar energy system.

Newman, CA

CEBRO Frozen Foods


Cebro Frozen Foods’ commitment to sustainability is both personal and global. By building and maintaining a truly sustainable business model, they’re not only having less impact on the environment and setting an example for the rest of the food processing industry; they are also lowering operating costs and reducing inefficiencies

This mission to be more sustainable has led to the development of a local grower network where 95% of vegetables processed by Cebro are grown within two miles of the plant; a water conservation program, where EPA registered water supply wells are used for crop irrigation; and high-impact energy efficiency measures, with a total of 1.7 megawatts of solar photovoltaic cells, high-efficiency lighting, and high-speed roll-up zone separation doors to regulate temperature.


The most recent effort to reduce Cebro’s operating costs and their facility’s carbon footprint is the addition of a 741 kW DC solar photovoltaic (PV) single-axis tracker. This second solar PV project for Cebro was completed in December of 2012. As a single-axis tracker, the solar panels follow the trajectory of the sun from sunrise to sunset to produce the maximum amount of energy possible.


This single-axis tracker installation eliminates an additional 28% of Cebro’s energy consumption, bringing their total electricity offset from solar to 58%. The project was privately financed by the food processor and will pay for itself by the end of its fifth year in operation. It is slated to save Cebro over $5 million in avoided energy costs over the life of the solar energy system.

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