Solar is going to save Liberty USD more than $16 million in energy costs

Brentwood, CA

Liberty Union High School District


The Liberty Union High School District is committed to focusing its resources on the achievement of academic and personal success for all students. Schools develop students’ ability to think critically, make rational decisions, communicate effectively, and act responsibly. Schools will provide a safe and personalized environment, value diversity and collaboration, and encourage respect for others and self. Multiple avenues will be provided to assure all students master a basic core of knowledge, become a productive community member, and succeed in our global society.


Three megawatts of solar capacity for the Liberty Union High School District are spread out over three campuses: Heritage High School (1.375 MW), Freedom High School (1.135 MW), and Liberty High School (494 kW). A total of 12,782 Inventec 235 watt modules were installed on elevated shade structures (carports) in student and staff parking lots on all three campuses. The Freedom and Heritage sites will house panels on low profile, fixed-tilt ground-mounts. In addition to the solar arrays, Borrego Solar provided $1.6 million in lighting and HVAC upgrades through an energy services contract via an affiliated firm, which will lead to even greater savings for the District.


The Liberty Union High School District financed their solar power installations through Borrego Solar’s integrated power purchase agreement (PPA). Borrego Solar covers system design, panel installation, maintenance, and operation costs under the terms of this in-house PPA offering. Liberty UHSD agrees to purchase the clean energy at a predetermined competitive rate compared to what the District was already paying for power from PG&E. The arrangement is for 25 years, and without an upfront capital investment, the District is expected to save more than $16 million in energy costs.

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