$2 million in energy savings

Madera, CA

Madera Community Hospital


Madera Community Hospital (MCH) is a not-for-profit community health resource, dedicated to actively promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of more than 140,000 local residents throughout the county and beyond. They are committed to identifying and serving their community’s needs with compassion, concern, care and safety for the individual. These ideals are what lead MCH to choose solar—a technology that is lowering their operating costs through energy savings so they can better utilize resources to treat patients.


The Madera Community Hospital commercial solar energy system is just over a megawatt in size and was installed on an empty plot of land adjacent to the hospital. The installation is interconnected with the hospital’s existing electric infrastructure and made up of 4,872 Yingli 235 watt solar modules wired in 348 strings of 14 modules each. The ground-mount system uses Array Technologies Duratrack racking, allowing the panels to track the suns trajectory from dawn to dusk on a single axis. By tracking the sun throughout the day, the panels maintain an optimal azimuth during peak production times, increasing efficiency and energy production.


The Madera Community Hospital (MCH) was financed using Borrego Solar’s integrated power purchase agreement (PPA). Through this partnership, Borrego Solar agrees to lease the plot of land where the tracking solar energy system was built for the length of the PPA term. In return, Borrego Solar agreed to cover all the engineering, procurement, construction, and long term operations and maintenance costs of the project, and MCH agreed to purchase the clean renewable energy the solar power installation produces for  20 years at a previously negotiated, below-the-grid, rate. As a private entity, and the owner of the installation, Borrego Solar was able to monetize on the available California Solar Initiative (CSI) PBI rebates and the 1603 Treasury Grant so it could offer MCH energy savings on day one, without any capital investment on the hospital’s part.

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