This 8.3 MW ground-mount is part of the second portfolio of projects Borrego Solar completed under the Southern California Edison CREST program.

Victorville, CA

Southern California Edison—Seneca


At the time of completion, the Seneca Solar Project was part of the second portfolio of projects Borrego Solar worked on under the Southern California Edison (SCE) CREST program and the fourth portfolio of projects with SCE, including four additional utility-scale projects in the SCE PV Program. The first CREST portfolio, located in Desert Hot Springs was completed in Q4 2013.


Per SCE’s interconnection requirements under the CREST PPA program, this single solar array field is comprised of four distinct project blocks, each 1.5MW AC in size. After the project received interconnection approval from SCE and CAISO for tie-in at a specific location, Borrego’s engineers called for a restudy, suggesting a move of the point of interconnection to a different transmission line half a mile away. This relocation and redesign of the project meant easements to span a freeway and securing additional permits were not necessary, and actually made the project feasible to construct at the approved budget and without delays.


The solar energy generated from the Seneca Solar Project is being sold at a set price to SCE for 20 years as part of the utility’s CREST program. CREST was established to provide standardized fixed-price energy payments to qualifying renewable energy generators. The Seneca Solar Project is a wholesale distributed generation project: small, wholesale generators that sell energy directly to the utility, instead of delivering energy to the user to credit a specific utility bill.

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