The solar PV system is expected to meet 90% of the school's electricity demand

Dryden, NY

Tompkins Cortland Community College

The 2.6 megawatt Tompkins Cortland Community College solar array, located on its main campus in Dryden, New York is expected to meet 90 percent of its electricity demand, generating the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power approximately 440 homes annually.

TC3 is purchasing the clean energy produced from the solar energy system’s owner over the 25-year term of the power purchase agreement. TC3 expects to realize first-year savings of approximately $30,000, with potentially greater annual savings as retail utility rates increase over time.

TC3’s solar array enables the school to replace the majority of its fossil fuel-generated electricity with renewable energy. This means cleaner air and water, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and a healthier climate for future generations. The installation will offset 2,160 metric tons of CO2 annually, which is the equivalent of taking 455 cars off the road or the amount of carbon sequestered by 1,771 acres of U.S. forests each year.

The project has been made possible in part by New York’s solar policies, which have supported rapid development through incentives, supportive permitting procedures and other programs to get more solar deployed. This past spring, the State’s NY-Sun initiative awarded $46 million for large-scale solar energy projects through the NY-Sun Competitive PV Program administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

TC3, one of the 64-member institutions of the State University of New York system, serves more than three thousand students on its 220-acre campus.

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