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Our mission is to solve the world’s energy problems, but our responsibility to society is greater. Just as we’re working to fight climate change by accelerating renewable energy production, we are also working to transform ourselves and the solar industry in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion.

our commitment to diversity

Diversity Statement

At Borrego, we believe in having a diverse workforce and we value the perspectives, skills, experiences and contributions of all employees. We want all of our employees to feel that they belong, are included and are empowered to be their most authentic selves at work. 

We acknowledge we are early in our journey and are not satisfied with our company’s or industry’s status quo. We are committed to proactively driving change in our own organization and pushing the industry and society to transform.

System of Excellence

We operate our business on a number of core principles we call the Borrego System of Excellence (BSOE). These statements, along with our D&I statement, are our corporate values. They guide all aspects of how we act as individual employees and how we manage our business. They’re also the driving force behind our pursuit of quality, expertise, and long-lasting partnerships with our clients, employees, and communities.

The Borrego System of Excellence

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