Chris Anderson

Senior Vice President

Mr. Chris Anderson is a co-founder of Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. Since 2003, he has held many roles throughout the organization including roles in operations, engineering, project development, and executive leadership. Chris has over 25 years of electrical manufacturing and general construction experience and has personally supervised the design and construction of over 50 megawatts of solar PV installations. Based in New Hampshire, Chris currently serves as Senior Vice President and is working to expand trust and transparency around the technical elements of our projects with our top repeat customers. As he has done consistently throughout his career, Chris is also working to drive down system costs without a sacrifice to quality. Prior to joining Borrego Solar, Chris was the national sales manager for Alfa Lighting Inc. where he developed the personnel, inventory, distribution, and accounting systems needed to meet the company’s growth plans. His participation at Alfa vaulted the company from a small organization, handling only local sales, to the third largest national low-voltage lighting manufacturer in the US. Chris holds a BAE in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University and a NABCEP PV Installer certificate emeritus. He also holds a California C-10 Electrician’s License.