Gary Buchanan

Asset Performance Manager

Mr. Gary Buchanan is the Manager of Asset Performance. As Asset Performance Manager, Gary tracks the performance of all Borrego Solar’s systems under management, using various data acquisition systems (DAS) and production forecasts. Gary has experience in all aspects of solar installation, service, and management, and is responsible for assuring Borrego Solar’s installed base of systems is producing at or above the predicted levels of generation, and that production guarantee targets are met. His past experience in Telecommunications and IT Project Management made for a successful transition to solar in 2007. Since then, Gary has overseen the installation of multiple megawatts of solar photovoltaic projects in Education, Affordable Housing and Public Utility markets, and has been heavily involved in setting up Borrego Solar’s Operations & Management division for growth and success. Gary has an Entry-level NABCEP certification and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Computer Science from Rutgers University, New Jersey. He has completed both basic and advanced solar PV design classes at Diablo Valley College in Northern California, and is involved with Sandia Labs’ efforts to develop guidelines and standards in the area of Solar PV O&M.