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Optimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplaceOptimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplace

Third-Party O&M for Utility Scale & Commercial Solar Portfolios

As one of the nation’s leading third-party O&M providers, Borrego delivers the technical solar & storage expertise to cover all your plant operation and maintenance service concerns. From our NERC compliant operations center to our technical field staff and customer-facing Regional Managers, our team reacts quickly, communicates proactively, and addresses problems accurately to maximize system uptime and performance. We treat your commercial and utility-scale solar assets like they were our own.

Borrego O&M Stats

1.6 GW+ solar

Proactive monitoring
365 days a year
by NERC compliant
ops center

90 hours of
solar O&M
safety, technical,
& process training

In-house O&M
experts: electricians,
technicians & engineers*

EMR safety
rating is 0.59

O&M Customer Testimonials

Hear directly from our customers about how we help them grow, how they value our diagnostics
and reactive maintenance work, and why they engaged Borrego.

Borrego showing industry leading O&M expertise

How Borrego Helps You Grow

Borrego O&M’s solar maintenance portfolio is nationwide, with a concentration in key distributed, commercial solar generation markets. We help our customers grow by scaling and adapting our operations where they need us to be. Because of our back-end technology, precise processes, and training program we enter new markets swiftly and effectively. Hear how we recently helped one customer grow into a key market.

How Borrego Protects Your Asset Value

Borrego treats your commercial and utility scale solar and storage plants like our own, by:

  • proactively monitoring and creating cases daily.
  • performing accurate preventative maintenance visits as scheduled.
  • solving corrective maintenance issues correctly and quickly.
  • washing panels and mowing sites as needed.
  • uncovering the root cause of underperformance and making recommendations for improvement, especially before warranties expire.
  • implementing major repair and upgrade work (e.g., unplanned issues, repowering, etc.)
Using data-driven decision making in the solar workplace

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